How to shop for a watch online

Make your next major watch purchase with confidence using this quick guide.

The five types of watch - which one are you?

Diving, driving, dress, aviation or minimalist?

Diving watches are the watch of choice for divers, surfers, fishers, boaters, field ecologists, and anyone who needs a watch with water resistance. Initially set apart solely by their water-resistant build, this class of watches now also includes watches with digital tide displays - brilliant for anyone who likes to keep an eye on the tide.

Driving watches are designed with motorsports in mind, and many boast a stopwatch and a tachymeter. Not necessarily a practical watch, but practical-looking, with a chunky, masculine magnetism.

Dress watches are classic watches designed to be accurate and look good under a suit.

Aviation watches help you switch between time zones with ease. An excellent choice for frequent flyers and businesspeople, an aviation watch makes it easier to keep track of meetings and deadlines.

Minimalist watches pare everything down to the bare essentials, offering distraction-free time-telling while making a bold style statement.


Gold, gunmetal, stainless steel, silicon, canvas or classic leather? A durable canvas strap, also known as the "Nato" strap, is an excellent alternative to leather or stainless steel bands. Choose pure canvas for the ultimate in uncompromising practicality, or opt for a leather-backed canvas strap for something rugged on the outside but smooth underneath.

Getting your money’s worth

While some designer brands can sell watches with hefty price tags because of their strength as a brand in general, brands that almost exclusively make watches command high prices because of their long lineage in expert watchmaking.


Now you know a little about what makes watches tick, it’s up to you to select a watch that meets your needs in terms of price, functional requirements, and character.