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No Pattern Quilt Covers

When you think quilt covers, you almost immediately think of lovely patterns, intricate designs and colour blocking elements. However, you can also make a room look brighter and more coordinated if you focus on accentuating quilt covers with no patterns using other decor in the bedroom.

Types of Quilt Covers

Apart from the most common types such as cotton and linen, quilt covers come in a variety of materials such as 100 per cent duck down feather, goose down feather, Egyptian cotton and more. The quality of these quilt covers vary, but they are all good at one thing: keeping you warm.


When buying patternless quilt covers, you can expect to see the immortal white coloured quilt covers. They are as beautiful as they are clean, but you may want to try other no pattern quilt covers like ones in navy blue, grey, beige and black. If you want a more colourful addition to your room, there are also an assortment of pastel and vibrant colours such as pink, purple, mauve, yellow and others.


Although the materials inside are literally light as feathers, the material of your quilt cover is also a significant factor when choosing which one to place on top of your bed. There are quilt covers made of satin, denim, velvet and even microfibre patternless quilt covers. Choosing one will depend on the design and size of your bed, as well as the theme that you want to go for when designing your entire bedroom. It is also ideal to mix and match so that you can use different patternless designs regularly.

Taking Care of Your Quilt Covers

The most important thing to do when taking care of your quilt or doona cover is to shake and fluff it every morning. This ensures that the materials inside the doona are distributed evenly, avoiding lumps and irregular folds. Also, quilt covers must be washed by hand or using a large washing machine. It will likely be ruined in a machine that is designed to wash clothes only. It must also be washed in lukewarm water using mild detergent to maintain its quality and form.

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