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Nolan Motorcycle Helmets

Nolan is a company that specialises in building quality motorcycle helmets. The company makes open-face, crossover, modular and full-face helmets. As a biker, it is important to understand what each category offers.

Full Face Helmets

Nolan full-face motorcycle helmets are the safest helmets as they cover the back, top and front of the head. The eye port is left open to allow the rider to see ahead. Full face helmets have a chin bar, which is critical as most accidents often affect the chin area. It is import to know your riding position as it affects your choice of full face helmets. If you use your motorcycle for sporting activities you probably ride at a hunched over position and you'll likely need a full face helmet that has an eye port angled more towards the top of the helmet. Ventilation vents should also be positioned near the top of the head to let in more air.

Modular helmets

These are probably the most interesting helmets that Nolan offers; they are designed to have a chin bar that flips upwards. Flipping the chin up converts the full-face helmet into an open-face helmet. These helmets are suitable for sport and adventure riders. They are versatile enough to allow you to grab a bite or take a sip of your favourite drink and talk to a friend without necessarily having to take off the helmet.

Open-Face Helmets

Nolan open-face motorcycle helmets are popular amongst scooter riders and cruisers. They provide a vintage look and align well with fashionable street motorcycles. They offer lesser head coverage and have no chin bar cover, they cover the top and back of the head. During rough conditions many riders wear goggles together with these helmets.

Crossover Helmets

Nolan crossover motorcycles are almost similar to full-face helmets with the exception that they are lighter, have a sun peak and greater ventilation. Additional features include an in-built visor and truncated chin bar. As they are built for on-road riding, they also have a sound proofing and have interiors that keep you warmer.

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