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Non-Fiction Books

To take a break from fiction, you have plenty of non-fiction books available to learn about real-life happenings. You probably keep a list of subjects that interest you. Once you check off a book as done, you'll on your way to finding another one to read. If you're a book collector, you may prefer purchasing vintage books or ones that have original dust jackets.

Book Accessories

There's nothing worse than reading a book, and a fan or a breeze from an open window blows the pages. A bookmark in the shape of a butterfly or a colourful one made from silicone fixes the problem. Moreover, so you don't squint while reading, invest in a reading light that clips on the book or has a flexible neck to aim the light. You might like to keep a journal nearby to jot down ideas you get from reading a book. If you are tracking how long it takes to finish a reading program, keep a calendar alongside your reading material.


A book with a hardback cover shelves easily and protects the pages from wear and mishaps. Books used frequently, such as professional law and medical books, usually come in hardback for that very reason. You may be one of those people who prefers the feel of a hardback cover in your hands. Conversely, a paperback book comes out after the hardback version and may have sequel information and a question and answer section by the author. If you read often and stay on the go, then a paperback is normally the lighter choice. Plus, it's flexible and can fit into a small purse or a back pocket.


You have unlimited choices as to subject matter. As an example, you can find non-fiction art and photography books or even non-fiction true crime books, such as confessions by killers. Whatever subject intrigues you, whether philosophy, food and wine, or history, you'll find numerous titles to sate your literary appetite. Finally, you may want to limit your search to certain time periods, such as 1950-1999 non-fiction books to find relevant titles on certain timely topics.

Special Attributes

For book lovers, the hunt for special attributes may be a long-life goal. One of the most sought-after types are first editions, especially famous works signed by the author. Books that include inscriptions are favourites, along with limited and numbered editions.

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