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Non-Fiction Military and War Books

No historical event quite captures the imagination as war and more history books have been written about war than any other subject. In war, nations are made and broken. Future wars are planned and prevented and hundreds of thousands give their lives at the behest of distant rulers. Non-fiction books about war and the military present this contentious part of humankind’s history from a range of perspectives; children of veterans, survivors and war journalists, and the men and women who fought in war themselves, whether they fought to take ground or save lives. These books may follow the narrative of a single platoon or track tactical and strategic decisions and their ramifications over an entire conflict or discuss what it was like to be a nurse at a military hospital.

Publishing Year

While books on all wars can get published in a given year, you can narrow down what you’re looking for by searching for books published in specific year ranges, such as military and war non-fiction with a publication year between 1900 and 1949, which will necessarily be light on discussions of the second world war but rich in histories about the Great War.

Antique Books

The majority of wars happened a long time ago and so a great deal of books about those wars were also written a while back and haven’t been reprinted for many years. As such, those books might be considered antiquarian or collectable books and can be quite a lot harder to find than more recently printed books. There is a lot of value in finding these older books though, as they’ll offer a perspective that has been lost to the mists of time with the deaths of anyone and everyone who was even around for the conflict in question, never mind fought in it. There is only so far that pouring over old records and interviewing people about their grandfather’s stories can get you.

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