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Norton antivirus and internet security software, keeping you safe online

In these days of identity theft and data security breaches, everyone needs to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to protecting their personal information. And with new data protection laws getting stricter than ever, companies are now obliged to take steps to protect the information they hold on their customers. Install Norton antivirus and internet security software to protect yourself from danger online. 

Expert protection

Antivirus and internet security software keeps your machine as safe as possible, with all the latest antivirus protection from phishing and malware, to spyware and the latest attacks from ransomware. What's more, the programme is updated regularly, as new threats come to light, so you are always right up to date. 

Choosing Norton antivirus and internet security software

Norton antivirus and internet security software needs to be licensed for each machine you intend to use it on, so check that the software you choose will cover your needs. Typical packages include five licences, enough for most home or small business use, but you can buy larger packages that cover more machines or a single machine licence if you only have one home computer. 

Your computer software will also have a limited life, typically a 12month licence from the date it is activated. You will then need to subscribe to Norton or renew your licence every year to use their software. This is well worth doing, however, as it means you will receive all the latest updates as soon as they are available. 

Getting your Norton antivirus and internet security software

In most cases, your Norton software purchase will come in the form of an activation code. You can then download the software from the Norton site and activate it on the required machines. If you prefer, you can get your software the old school way, via a CD or DVD in the post.