Nose Piercing Jewellery

Nose Piercing Jewellery

Nose piercings are some of the post popular types of piercings today. There are several different types of nose piercings necessitating different types of jewellery. When selecting jewellery, it is important to know the materials and select something that is safe for your body. Within the body jewellery spectrum, there are many different styles of jewellery for people to express themselves with. Different types of piercings also traditionally use a different gauge needle. It is important to select the jewellery that will fit into your piercing, so choosing the right size is key.

Types of Nose Piercings

There are many different ways in which people express themselves with piercings. One more popular in recent years is a septum piercing. This piercing goes through the septum, right below the hard nose cartilage, of your nose. Many people like this piercing for its symmetry. Another type of nose piercing is what one usually thinks of when they hear nose piercing, it is a nostril piercing. People will choose one side, or both to have pierced and adorned with jewellery. Other less common types of nose piercings are the high nostril piercing, bridge piercing, vertical tip or rhino piercing, septril piercing, and nasallang piercing. Each of these requires a certain size and style of jewellery.


Most often, peoples piercings use surgical stainless steel. It is the metal that causes the least irritation because it is hard, and not porous, low carbon, and smooth. Other safe materials for jewellery include surgical implant titanium, niobium, and tygon. Tygon is a safe alternative for those who are allergic to metals, as it is a surgical plastic. Gold and stainless steel jewellery can irritate the skin, as the jewellery is not 100 per cent silver or gold, and that other material could be unsafe. Nickel is a metal to avoid, along with any porous jewellery, like wood, and bone. New piercings are especially susceptible to infection and irritation, so selecting a safe material is important.

Style of Jewellery

There are many different types of jewellery for noses. A bridge piercing requires a barbell, while a septum piercing is usually a nose ring hoop or horseshoe. With a horseshoe, people can usually tuck their ring back into their nose and hide the piercing when desired. Nostril piercings can be studs, hoops, or horseshoes. High nostril piercings are studs.


Gauge is the size needle and piece of jewellery put into your nose. More minimalistic piercings use smaller needles and jewellery, which corresponds with a higher number. For example, 18 gauge is smaller than 14 gauge. If you are unsure what size needle your piercer used, ask them or another professional. The last thing most people want is to either stretch out their piercing or put in jewellery that is too small.