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Nudie Jeans for men are made with 100% organic cotton. The brand has a great environmentally sustainable focus and aims to have you wearing your jeans for many years to come. Nudie Jeans was founded in Sweden in 2001 and has reached immense popularity in countries all around the world.

The dry denim look

Dry denim jeans don’t come prewashed or distressed and you get to create just how they’ll end up looking. Dry denim Nudie Jeans are made with an indigo dye just like other jeans. However, Nudie jeans are made to not be washed, so the dye fades in a way that is as unique as a fingerprint. If you wear them for a long time without washing them, you will acquire contrasting areas where the jeans have creased around your legs, seat and thighs. This means the look you’ll get will be completely unique to you. If you do choose to wash them early on, you’ll get a more ‘even’ look. Dry denim jeans are available in a range of cuts including skinny, classic or relaxed. They also come in black if you prefer that as a colour option.

Black denim

If you’d prefer a cleaner and more well-dressed look, choose a pair of black denim jeans that will stay black. These jeans are available in a range of cuts such as tight, slim, regular and relaxed to suit your body. There’s also a range of lengths and sizes to choose from to suit you. Team them up with your favourite sneakers and t-shirt for a look that is casual and classic. Or choose a polo shirt and boots for a more formal look that can be worn day or night.

Whether you’re after a look that is casual or well-dressed, eBay has a pair of Nudie Jeans for men to achieve the style you desire.