Number & Letters Stencils & Templates

Number and Letter Stencils and Templates

When you’re putting a lot of effort into your arts and crafts, you want to put the same care into anything you write on them. Craft stencils and templates let you create specific drawings and designs, while number and letters stencils and templates give you the same control over whatever you want to write.

What Are Some Important Features of Number and Alphabet Stencils?

Coming in a range of different styles, there are some key factors to look for number stencils, like:

  • Font Types: Such a big part of arts and crafts is the design of what you’re making, so it’s useful that different number and alphabet stencils come in various font types.
  • Letter and Number Sizes: Some number stencils and templates provide numbers in multiple sizes, providing you with a greater deal of flexibility for your markers, pens and other craft supplies.

What Are the Types of Alphabet and Number Stencils?

Alphabet and number stencils come in different types, affecting what you can trace onto craft paper, such as:

  • Numbers Only Stencils: These stencils only allow you to trace numbers from the stencil.
  • Letters Only Stencils: Alphabet stencils can feature uppercase letters, lowercase letters or both.
  • Combined Stencils: These stencils combine numbers and letters to provide you with everything you could need to trace.