Nursery Bedding Sheets & Sets

Cot Sheets and Sets

Growing children let you know what they like and dislike about their world. Comfortable cot sheets rank high on the list of what makes for a good nights sleep, and babies let you know quickly when they dont like them. To help your baby sleep peacefully, review the inventory of sheets in materials, themes, and types that both you and your baby will like. Theres also other nursery bedding to consider when decorating the babys room.

Nursery Bedding

In addition to sheet sets, cot pillows help cradle and position your babys neck to provide support and comfort. Equally helpful are waterproof mattress pads and covers that protect the cot from damage and may provide additional support when the baby sleeps. As your child grows, sleeping bags and sleepsacks cradle the baby in warmth so they feel more secure. To spice up the beds appearance, add a drop valance to the bottom of the mattress in a cartoon print or other pattern.


The sheet material is where the rubber meets the road. If it holds in too much heat, your baby will wake up the entire household, letting everyone know that its hot. Flannel nursery sheets feel good and help hold in warmth during the cooler months, while 100 percent cotton nursery sheets and sets tend to feel the most comfortable against babys skin because the material breathes. Plus, both are easy to maintain, thereby saving you time. Cotton blends, fleece, and organic cottons are also good choices to help your baby sleep through the night.


When your baby is small, you get to choose a room theme, but later on not so much. Garden themes with butterflies, mushrooms, and other fun motifs help brighten up the space. Animal lovers enjoy horse, cowboy, and farm themes, and boys often like superhero, robot, and sports designs. When youre uncertain about which theme to choose, choose a numbers and letters bedding set so your child learns the shapes early.


You can purchase complete sets to fit cots, cradles and bassinets in whatever quantity you need. When you need to replace individual items, fitted and flat sheets and pillow cases are readily available.