Nursery Clocks

Pretty and purposeful nursery clocks

Watching the clock is just one of those parts of being a parent. Most parents have an eye on the time as they go about their day. Particularly when you have a smaller baby, and need to keep on top of feeding.

As they get older, you might like to stay on top of their sleep times too. All this means that having a clock in your babys nursery is a must for parents.

Character clocks

If your baby has taken a particular liking to a cartoon character, or you just want some cute decor to match your nursery furniture, then a character clock is perfect. Big-hitters when it comes to timeless, much-loved characters include Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street or Hello Kitty.

You can find lovely wall clocks featuring the likes of Pooh, or alarm clocks for older children wrapped in different Disney designs.

Sleep trainers

Sleep training is one of those things most parents read up on over the course of their little ones baby and toddlerhood. You can get hold of some useful nursery clocks to help you along the way, and give your toddler some guidance.

Products with a colour-changing moon and sun setting are designed to develop youngsters understanding of sleep and waking hours. You can find clocks like this from brands such as the Gro Company and VTechs Sam the Lamb. There are also talking clocks from brands like Onaroo, with an inbuilt, colour-changing nightlight.

Wall clocks

Sometimes you just need a simple, easy-to-read wall clock, so you can check the time at a glance and adds to your nursery decor without cluttering much-needed surface space. Cute nursery wall clocks with either little girl, boy or unisex designs are on eBay. Something like this can feel more special to some children and parents, especially if you go for handmade or personalised items.

Angels, dolls, animals, aeroplanes, woodland owls and house-shaped nursery clocks are all the types of designs you can pick between. They can also come in a range of materials including bamboo, wood or metal.