OO Scale Model Train Locomotives

OO Scale Model Trains

The perfect holiday scene is gathering the family in the lounge room, sipping your favourite drinks and watching the kids play with that quality train set you bought them. Locomotives have fascinated generations young and old, and with OO scale model trains, you can spread the wonder of locomotives to the kid or hobbyist you love. You can buy a complete set with an assortment of train cars, but you can easily get separate pieces to add to your existing collection and diorama.

Choosing an Era

While it is simple to put together a hodgepodge set that’ll run fine, avid collectors and enthusiasts often go for trains from specific eras to maintain a cohesive collection and diorama. For instance, many locomotives of the 1970s feature that iconic late-industrial-era look with lacquered finishes that bring out their metallic charm. You can choose modern trains too. Consider a Eurostar train set that includes passenger saloons, a power driving unit, and a whole set of power tracks, which let this famous engineering marvel roll along your landscape.

Add to Your Collection

Even if you’re simply buying to collect, it is worth noting that even though a train is not from the same decade as your existing fleet, you can still make them go well with each other. This is so because trains last a long while in reality, so you can hook up a van to an engine from half a decade later. The flexibility of collecting these models can make for some astoundingly realistic displays.


Accessorising is one of the biggest joys and often the costliest part of collecting train models. You can never have enough scale trees, shrubbery or boulders as they are essential for making a realistic landscape. Add OO scale model trains with sounds to your rail yard for a dash more realism and interactive feel. If you really love your existing engine but want it to make the appropriate sounds, you can easily hook up a standalone sound decoder to bring life to all the moving parts of your fleet.