OO Scale Model Train Scenery & Trees

OO Scale Model Train Scenery and Trees

All aboard! Its time to get this train started and travel the country over the rails. A true OO gauge train guy wants everything to look as much like an authentic railroad as possible. Model train scenery uses the same gauge rating as the train itself in order to ensure the measurements are to scale. There are many types of materials that go into these sets, including OO scale, model train cardboard scenery and trees as well as plastic, white metal and wood.


Unless you are planning to drive through the desert, you will need to add a touch of greenery to the landscape. Adding grass is the most cost-efficient and easiest way to fill in the area along the tracks.


By adding a few plastic, OO scale, model train scenery and trees to the setup, its like riding through a real forest. Even if you are only planning to do a station landscape, it wont hurt to add a few model train trees around the buildings and streets leading to the depot.


For a realistic look, place track ballast between the railroad ties and along the edges of the rails. If you look at a working railway system, you will see the crushed stone in these locations. It bears the load from the ties, allows proper drainage of water and keeps down vegetation that might grow between and around the tracks.

Rock Moulds

It’s your setup so make it look like you feel it should. Add various sizes of rocks to create embankments and ditches. With rock moulds, you can use lightweight hydrocal to make as many or as few as you need and then paint the rocks with earth colours to match the environment for which you are placing them.