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OPPO Mobile Phones

OPPO Mobile Phones

Dont just talk on your OPPO mobile phone; keep in touch with family, watch the latest episode of your current favourite show, and check in on social media. It is your own personal computer that you can store in your pocket. OPPO keeps its customers close with constant innovation and upgrading.

Unstoppable Selfies

No matter what model OPPO phone you pick, you are sure to get a selfie that you will want to post and share with friends. For example, the OPPO R9 features a 16 MP front-facing camera. Whats more, it picks up intense amounts of incoming light, so you are always seen in the best light no matter what time of the day you take the photo.

Storage at its Best

On an OPPO 64 GB mobile phone, you have plenty of space to store apps, photos, and videos. Nobody wants to have to choose between deleting Grandmas birthday pictures or capturing the day at the park, and with this model, you dont have to. As an added bonus, most phones are upgradeable. For example, the F1s; 32 GB OPPO mobile phones can expand to as much as 128 GB of storage space with a memory card.

Display Worth Staring Out

The large 139.7 mm, full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels) screen on the OPPO R9s deliver a viewing experience that cant be beaten by other smartphones. Whats more, the touchscreen features support for gloved and wet touch input, so you can operate your phone rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Locked or Unlocked

Phones that are unlocked allow the user to choose the carrier. There are two types of unlocked cellphones: unlocked and factory unlocked. Phones unlocked by the carrier get the title factory unlocked. Often a third party will unlock the device; those units simply get called unlocked.