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Ocean Kayaks

Kayaks offer unique and entertaining ways to enjoy any body of water. Initially designed for fishing and transport, these vessels have all sorts of sport and recreational applications in modern days. You can use them in a skilled and energy intensive manner paddling through rapids and fast rivers or simply to relax, enjoy and sunbathe on calm waters. Different uses require different models and Ocean Kayaks have them all. Choosing one that suits your needs will require some knowledge is kayak types and the stability it offers.

Initial and Final Stability

Initial and final stability are two very important aspects of any kayak. The initial or primary stability will affect how comfortable you can sit in a kayak while it is motionless. Those who wish to go fishing or sunbathe with their kayak should opt for a model that favours initial stability. Primary stability is also important if you want to hop of for a dip and climb back in the kayak with ease. Final stability is stability while in motion. Models which are designed to be stable while stationary make it hard to keep balance when the kayak is in motion. If you wish to wrestle with currents, waves and winds, an Ocean Kayak with greater final stability is a must.

Tracking vs. Turning

The kayak design also varies to favour linear speed or turning capability. A kayak designed for tracking will offer greater speed while peddled in one direction, but it will lose balance when you try to turn. Turning kayaks have a greater primary stability and offer an excellent crushing sensation.

Fishing with a Kayak

Fishing is a common pastime for kayak enthusiasts, so there are many fishing kayak designed specifically for that purpose. Kayaks with an upright padded seat and shading accessories are ideal for spending longer lengths of time just drifting with the line in the water. You can even find kayak accessories such as additional stabilisers and even a kayak anchor, which can help you stay in one spot and prevent a larger fish from pulling you in.

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