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Odyssey Car and Truck Batteries

Most people do not pay attention to their car or truck batteries until their vehicle becomes stuck on the side of the road unable to start. Regardless of the type of battery you use, during the lifetime of one vehicle you will need to change your battery at least a couple of times. Odyssey car and truck batteries are excellent replacements and are built for both regular and extreme use. Their combinations of cold-cranking amps and deep cycle performance makes them an excellent fit for all modern power-demanding vehicles. Choosing the right battery for your vehicle make and model involves some knowledge in battery tech and battery life.

Amps and Volts

Almost all vehicle batteries deliver the same voltage, so looking at Odyssey 12V car and truck batteries does not narrow down the choice. Batteries differ in the amperes they deliver, so when looking for a battery model, select one with the right amperage for your vehicle. You can find these numbers in your vehicle specs or on the battery already installed in your vehicle.

Cranking Amps vs. Cold Cranking Amps

Amperage is expressed in two ways including cranking amps and cold cranking amps. Batteries perform differently during different weather conditions and the models that don't deliver enough cold cranking amps are usually cheaper. This might not sound important if you live in a region where temperatures are always high, but excellent cold cranking amps also means that the overall built of your battery is better.

Deep Cycle Batteries

While the amp output is the most important factor, you have to consider time as well. Odyssey deep cycle batteries do not deliver as many amps, but they can run for a longer time and deliver consistent output. If you own an RV, deep cycle batteries are excellent choices for your main and backup battery as you can use electronics for extended periods of time without starting the engine.

Group Number

The group number or BCI number describes everything from polarity to dimensions. When searching for an Odyssey car battery replacement, using the BCI number will answer all your compatibility questions. With the BCI, you will know that the new battery will fit inside its allotted space and that the vehicle cables will be able to reach the connectors on the battery.

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