Olaplex Professional Products

Known for repairing damaged hair and making it healthy again, Olaplex professional products quench thirsty, bleached hair. The brand's line of hair-care treatments for salon use help to repair breakage, add moisture to dry locks and build up thin-and-lifeless strands to produce thick, healthy and shiny hair.

Olaplex Product Types

Olaplex uses three distinct products that offer their own formulas to achieve the results you're looking for. The brand's Bond Multiplier is the first step in repairing damaged, dry hair and repairing split ends to create smooth strands. You can follow that step up when you use the Bond Perfector to rebuild damaged hair. Step three in the Olaplex system is the Hair Perfector, which ensures that there's no further hair damage or stress to strands.

Olaplex Features

The Olaplex system may be known for strengthening hair, but the products have other features to consider when making a purchasing decision. Olaplex products aren't tested on animals, which makes them cruelty-free, often a benefit for compassionate buyers. The brand's products don't include silicone, which can build up on your hair and make strands go limp. Aside from repairing unhealthy hair, Olaplex also extends the length of your hair colour, making it last longer. If you continue to use the products between chemical services, you'll find that your hair becomes more and more resistant to damage.

Olaplex Sets

Though you can purchase Olaplex products individually to meet your needs, it may be easier to purchase the conditioning system as a set. This is also a more cost-effective way to purchase Olaplex, and sets come in assorted sizes. To travel with Olaplex, purchase a small-sized set with 100 ml bottles of product that are small enough to be portable. Some sets even come with a pump applicator. You can purchase a larger-sized set for your salon with bottles that measure at 525 ml of product. Alternately, you can buy sets that feature two or three of the same products if you need to restock your inventory of just one step in the Olaplex system.

Olaplex Uses

Meant for safely lightening or bleaching hair without damaging it, Olaplex works as an add-in all the way up to a lightener. To use the product, you mix the Bond Multiplier with the actual chemicals, such as bleach or hair colour. Next, you move on to step two, which is the Bond Perfector. This step comes after shampooing when you're rinsing the colour from your client's hair. Lastly, you apply step three, the Hair Perfector. This is meant for clients to use at home to keep coloured hair safe from damage and strong. Clients should use it once a week to maintain hair health for coloured strands.