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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are low maintenance plants that can beautify a garden. In a traditional garden, many plants are pruned, trimmed and watered weekly. However, you can plant ornamental grasses and ignore them for the most part.

Plants and Seedlings

Think about when you want the full impact of the plants. If you are designing something for the current or even following season, keep in mind that you will probably have better results with ornamental grass plants or seedlings. It is, of course, entirely possible to start some ornamental grasses from seed. And if you are looking to add a great deal of some to your garden, it will likely be more cost-effective than purchasing ornamental grass seedlings.

Climate and Care

When looking for ornamental grasses, make sure you understand the climate requirements. Depending on your climate zone, you may need a different type of grass. There are plants that thrive better in desert climates versus tropical ones. You may find a plant that requires a number of low temperature hours in order to thrive. On the other hand, you may need a plant that can survive seasons of drought and frost in winter. While you may generally think of ornamental grasses as requiring full sun, some are actually quite tolerant of partial shade. Also, consider the soil type and drainage. Some prefer well-drained or even sandy soil, while others do well in clay.

Garden Design

What are your goals with your garden? Do you want to attract animals to eat or nest? Some flowering grasses provide seed for your local birds. Maybe you would like a privacy screen? Bamboo can grow up to 12 metres and grow thick enough for privacy. Choose wisely though as many running bamboos are very invasive. Maybe you want to add texture and colour in different ways. Some options grow quite tall, while others remain low to the ground. Moreover, there are thick and thin leaved grasses. Finally, some even change colour with the seasons.

Cacti and Succulents

When looking at ornamental grasses for your garden, you might want to consider cacti and succulents. Both prefer well-draining soil and can tolerate periods of drought. Also, not all succulents require full sun though most cacti do. Keep in mind that both types can be sensitive to frost and may need to be covered or moved indoors during part of the year.

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