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Other Art Supplies

Art supplies are varied, from pens and pencils to plaster to glitter and even craft paper. Art supplies can be used for many different types of projects and provide an outlet for creative impulses. Anyone can use art supplies, regardless of age or profession. Art practice can help kids learn, and scrapbooking and other commemorative crafts can be used to immortalise memories.

Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are some of the most straightforward art tools and come in a range of colours. Box sets can be purchased in assorted shades, from simple rainbows to complex variants on skin tone. Sketching pencils come in different grades on the HB or Hardness/Blackness scale. Harder pencils produce lighter, more silvery marks, while blacker pencils produce sooty black. HB pencils are equal mixes of both and are the most common grade. Watercolour pencils allow you to sketch an image, then by adding water with a small brush, transform its colours from pale pencil to soft, liquid watercolour. Various erasers are also available and can easily remove errors caused by different types of pencils and pens on different surfaces. Some erasers are essential for reshaping hard sketch lines into softer curves.

Plaster and Clay Art Supplies

While some clay requires kilns and other specialist equipment to fire it properly, different forms can be heated in a home oven. Modelling clay, as well as various plasters and putties, are an inexpensive way to mould and shape physical sculptures by hand. Some are designed for children and are non-toxic.

Paint and Brush Art Supplies

The quintessential artist’s brush is a mainstay of the art world. Different grades, styles and shapes help artists produce exactly the effects needed, shaping the paint as desired. Pigments can also be purchased to mix paints into the perfect shade or tone.

Edible Art Supplies

Edible art supplies can turn any cooking into a visual masterpiece. While colour dyes and decorations can be bought at most grocery stores, specialist supplies can be harder to find, such as edible gold leaf sheets. With edible art supplies you can add a creative touch to celebration and wedding cakes.

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