Eye-catching creations and other art

A carefully chosen, well-placed piece of artwork has the power to transform a space, enhancing your home or office environment. Finding the right sized piece, with the right colours and finishing touches are all important considerations to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Other art online

Art fair and gallery goers come savvy internet shoppers can browse through a large choice of both contemporary and traditional art to adorn your home. Collections feature work from emerging artists from Sydney, New York to London and include limited edition prints, reproductions and original editions.

From handmade blown glass and abstract art prints on canvas to mixed media artwork by original artists, there are choices on eBay to suit all tastes. Discover the art you love by browsing our comprehensive collections which feature paintings, photography, drawings sculpture, collage and prints from high-end Saatchi Art and New York and Melbourne inspired city landscapes to celebrated reprints of works from UK street artist Bristol-born Banksy.

Choosing your artwork

The colour, content and texture of a piece of artwork should add expression as well as an artistic statement to your home. There are an array of themed artwork to suit all tastes from traditional landscapes to modern graphic prints and abstracts. Whether reproduction art or a prized item purchased as an investment piece, a large canvas, framed print or sculpture placed in the right space will add an eclectic interior touch.

Other art supplies

If you're an art hobbyist or professional painter there is a large selection of artist supplies available on eBay ideal to set up a new art kit or add to your existing materials, from watercolours, oils and to sketchpads and art stands. Create your own masterpiece to your liking, and then find a suitable picture frame to add that final decorative touch to set it off.