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Timing Light Automotive Diagnostic Tools

While some may think that injector tester diagnostic tools would only be of use to a mechanic or professional driver, a timing light is actually a very helpful automotive diagnostic tool that can potentially save you money and a trip to the mechanic. Performing a regular vehicle inspection is always a good idea, and does not necessarily involve taking your car to a mechanic. Automotive timing light diagnostic tools will make your task a lot easier if you decide to attempt a tune-up yourself. If your car has a spark-ignited engine, it will require precise timing to ensure smooth performance and optimal fuel economy. Timing light automotive diagnostic tools are necessary to ensure that the timing is at the optimal level.

How Automotive Timing Light Diagnostic Tools Work

Automotive diagnostic tools are simple to use, with most containing a xenon bulb that flashes when it detects a spark. The flash of light creates an image that allows the user to see when ignition is occurring, compared to the position of the crank. This makes it easy to make the adjustments that are required to tune the engine correctly.

Self-Contained or Multi-Use

Timing light automotive diagnostic tools can either be self-contained instruments, or can be part of a multi-use instrument that may include other tools such as a dwell angle meter, RPM meter and voltmeter, or could even be included as part of a comprehensive engine analyser.

Other Uses for Timing Light Automotive Diagnostic Tools

In addition to testing a vehicle's ignition timing, timing lights have other uses. A timing light can be used to check for a spark without needing to take anything apart, and can also assist in investigating fuel problems by shining the light into the carburetor when the air filter is removed, allowing a view of how the fuel is entering the engine.

Other Types of Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Timing lights and injector tester diagnostic tools are just a small part of the many diagnostic tools that can assist mechanics and car owners alike. Other helpful tools include tyre pressure gauges, circuit testers and multimeters, code readers, car batter testers and injector tester diagnostic tools.

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