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You probably wouldnt know it, but you might have a product inside your home right now that is capable of fixing your tiles and grouts, can soothe your body aches, get rid of slugs in the garden, and even help boost your hairs volume. It could be sitting in your kitchen cupboard or under your bathroom sink right now and you may have walked past it a few times today already: were talking about the humble Epsom salt.

When it comes to natural remedies, none come more recommended than Epsom salts. Used for over hundreds of years to treat a myriad of ailments and available in large packets for next-to-nothing prices, its the number one medicine that just might be able to fix all your problems.

Uses for Epsom salt

What cant Epsom salts be used for? Whether you have a pressing issue with your garden, body, face or home, theres sure to be a treatment for that.

For the garden: Epsom salts can be used to help house plants grow, kill slugs, or used for soil preparation.

For the body: Epsom salts can be used as a foot scrub, splinter remover, to soothe body aches, as a laxative, relieve bug bites, or offer headache relief.

For the face: Epsom salts can be used as a facial wash or a face scrub.

Epsom bath salts: why are they so good?

Epsom salts are rich in magnesium and sulphate, which can readily be absorbed through the skin when combined with water. When you submerge your body in a bath thats full of Epsom salts, you can relieve inflammation, ease stress, and aid sore muscles. Even soaking your feet in the tub is said to get rid of feet odour and aches. Bathing in Epsom salts at least three times a week is said to prove to be most beneficial.

When you need to restock, or if you want to try Epsom salt for your benefit, shop on eBay for your dose of magnesium sulphate. Find all you need for an in-home healing experience online with a range of aromatherapy supplies, detox pads and more at prices you wont find at your local chemist or grocery store.

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