Other Bathroom Accessories

Bathe in comfort with bathroom essentials

From bathroom accessories, like shower curtains, to the everyday essentials like soap, shopping for bathroom products has never been easier. Whether youre looking to upgrade one of your bathroom essentials or find a new must-have gadget, the choice is endless.

Ensure you have everything you need for a long relaxing bath. Lean back and take some time off with a comfortable and easy to use Spa Bath Pillow or ensure the post-bath clean-up is quick and easy with a bath Drain Hair Remover.

Shower Accessories

If you prefer the shower, make sure no water is wasted with a built-in shower timer, ensuring no-one is waiting for their turn in the morning. While youre getting ready for a Saturday night out, take your beer into the shower with you, keeping it steady with a Shower Beer Holder that secures directly to your shower screen or wall. These type of products also make unusual and fun gifts too.

Sink Accessories

When it comes to sink accessories, there is a large selection of soap dispensers and soap dishes, keeping your bathroom looking stylish and modern. Keep your bathroom tidy with a toothbrush holder accessory to match.

When it comes to bathroom textiles, there is a large selection of bath accessories available to choose from. Select from a range of budget or luxury towels of all sizes and in a wide selection of colours. Pair with a matching bath mat, ensuring that everyone climbs out of the tub safely, with as little water spillage as possible.

Bathroom mirrors are available in a wide variety. From small, hand-held mirrors to large, wall-hanging light-ups, there is a mirror to suit every requirement and taste, to make sure you finish off your bathroom in style.