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Try something a bit different to your usual read

Its easy to get stuck in a genre rut if you are an avid reader. Breathe more life into your bookshelves with fascinating stories from the other books section here on eBay. Take a chance on an unknown author, or pick a book simply because you like the cover. Youre guaranteed to find something as you browse through mountains of books on offer.

From fiction and non-fiction to graphic novels, books and magazines, youll discover something great to add to your reading collection.

The perfect story

Youll find some of the finest books in the English language and other world books just waiting for you to turn their pages here. From fantasylands to spy thrillers and memoirs from your beloved singers, actors and politicians to biographies of those treasured personalities, theres a book here for everyone.

For all ages

No matter what stage of life youre at, youre never too old or young to lose yourself in the world of books. With classic works of literature available or modern young adult novels, take a look and find that book to accompany you on a long journey or holiday.

Parents will even find audiobooks for themselves while driving, or ones for their kids to listen to a story, while attached to their smartphone or tablet.

Something a little different

You wont just find modern audiobooks and works of classic fiction in the other books section, youll also discover those interesting and different books too.

From graphic novels and magazines to annual publications and even computer game books, whatever you like reading, on eBay youre sure to find it.

Find a gift

If you know someone who lives for books, youve come to the right place when looking for a gift. From their favourite writers to their favourite genres, youll find the perfect item to wrap up for birthdays, Christmas, leaving presents and gifts to say thank you in this section.

Jump on eBay today and get looking at all the books on offer, and find that special page-turner to entertain yourself or someone else in no time.

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