Other Camping Cooking Supplies

Planning a long hiking adventure or just some tent camping in a park requires the right type of camping cooking equipment. When it comes to camping cooking supplies, choose items designed specifically for the outdoors. They tend to be more durable, lighter weight, and ideally suited for the rough conditions outdoors. Specialised camping cooking utensils and other equipment helps ensure safe operation and food operation in the big outdoors.

Cooking Utensils

A key type of camping cooking supplies are the utensils themselves. When buying this type of equipment, keep it simple. Choose lightweight pots and pans only large enough for the number of people camping. Choose stackable cooking gear that folds up into a contained unit. This makes carrying items, like frying pans and pots, in a backpack much easier.

Cooking Fuel

Depending on the type of camping trip, cooking fuel is an important investment. Choose fuel designed for camp cooking. Smaller fuel bottles ensure that you can transport them safely and they are still lightweight. Campers must check their cooking equipment, such as stoves, to determine the proper type of fuel they require.

Emergency Survival Cooking Supplies

For those planning an excursion where the main source of cooking will be over a fire, an emergency survival cooking kit can be valuable. Some survival stoves, for example, provide a backup solution in case there is a need. When choosing camp cooking equipment for emergency situations, select all-contained systems with fuel built into the system whenever possible.

Camp Cooking Stoves and Gear

For some campers, camping cooking equipment needs to be just like living at home. Camp cooking stoves with burners act much like a traditional stovetop, using gas for power. One- and two-burner options exist, providing ample cooking space. Some fold-up camp cooking stoves are lightweight enough to carry in a backpack.