Its great taking a sturdy, efficient and portable fridge on road trips and camping adventures, but what happens when it comes time to manoeuvre that fully-stocked fridge and get your hands on all the fresh food and drinks? You need a fridge drop slide to handle the tough stuff for you. These heavy duty devices turn a hefty challenge into a simple case of pulling it out, dropping it down and putting it back.

How does a fridge drop slide work?

A fridge drop slide uses a combination of bearing sliders, gas struts, locks and roller bearings to help you easily slide, lower and lift car orcaravan refrigerators, so all you have to worry about is whether to grab the snacks, sausages or sodas. To return the fridge to the platform height, you simply apply pressure to the handle. You might also buy fridge drop slide to use for other items such as generators and tool boxes.

Buying the right fridge drop slide

Its essential to match the fridge drop slide with your portable fridge. So whether you own a Bushman up to 52L, a Waeco up to 59L or any other make and model fridge, check the description of the fridge drop slide to make sure its compatible. Top brands to look out for include MSA, Basha Australia and Waeco.

Technical features

Some of the important features you may want included are runners with a lock-in, lock-out mechanism, tie-down straps to secure your fridge and tray, and additional undertray roller bearings to take weight off the fridge in harsh conditions. In terms of technical specifications, consider the lengths of the fridge tray, slide (open and closed), runner (open and closed), the drop, and the mounting floor to the base of the fridge. Its also important to know if the device supports 200kg, 225kg or any other load rating. Make sure you buy an item that includes instructions for assembly and mounting, as well as all the screws and nuts.

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