Other Dolls

Other Dolls

If youve not been able to find that particular doll or if what youre looking for lies outside of the mainstream, then you may find it among a collection of other dolls. Perhaps your child is looking for an animal companion for one of their toys, in which case a set of LOL Surprise Doll Pets will be just the thing for you.

Other dolls include humorous ‘scary dolls either in the form of a Chucky Doll or a terrifying take on a traditionally cute character. Scary unicorns or cute kittens that can be transformed into angry looking things with one squeeze make for funny toys.

Depending on your point of view, there are cute or terrifying looking ‘realistic dolls, handcrafted to look just like a real-life baby. All the proportions are accurate and realistic colouring is used to give the illusion of life. These silicone dolls will make great additions to a collection.

Grab yourself the original ‘Elf on a Shelf to be ready for Christmas or perhaps a traditional or modern ragdoll might catch your eye. All these toys will bring a sense of fun to your home.

Clothing and Accessories

Many of these dolls will be able to don a number of different outfits, dresses and accessories or sport different haircuts for you to customise. There are a number of options, from princess dresses to modern casual outfits. Many dolls, like the traditional Barbie and the more contemporary Bratz dolls, even have a range of different shoes. There will be a doll to suit each individual taste, from the more traditional and realistic to bolder, more colourful and playful dolls.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find something that suits your needs perfectly, from toys to collectibles, there is plenty to be found on eBay.