Catching a deal on extra fishing equipment

Every fisherman needs quality fishing gear to help them get that catch of the day. You can lift your fishing game with new fishing tackle, fishing rods, fishing line, tackle boxes, reels and fishing baits, lures and flies for the seasoned pro or enthusiastic beginner.

Whether you want to make fishing your favourite hobby or you’re buying a gift for the fishing guru in your life, eBay is the place to visit. So aside from the absolute essentials, what other fishing equipment can help you get the most value from your time on the water?

Hand spear rubber sling

Complete with a nylon cord, these devices are made from heavy-duty elastic rubber for use in spearfishing sports. A popular choice is the 9mm diameter hand spear rubber sling from Force Ten Tackle.

Inflatable boat outboard engine

If you’re really getting serious about your fishing, a new 90LBS electric trolling outboard engine for an inflatable boat will have you powering toward the best spots. These motors feature impressive thrust, a 23-inch strong composite shaft, 4.5-inch telescoping handle, multiple speed controls, weedless three-blade propeller and full 90-degree tilt. They provide a low noise level and suit both salt and fresh water operation.

Bait tank

A 4-litre bait tank with access lid through the deck mounting offers you that tournament standard feel of a casting/fishing deck. An anti-slip, reinforced access hatch lid even allows you to stand up higher in the big moments. A Livewell bait tank, for example, has dimensions of 510mm width x 270mm depth x 300mm height.

You’ll discover all the fishing equipment and supplies you can possibly imagine online at eBay.