Collectable Game Miniatures

Just as the popularity of gaming has been on the rise over the years, so has the popularity of game miniatures. Some games such as HeroClix and the various forms of Games Workshop's Warhammer absolutely require the use of miniatures, while others such as Dungeons and Dragons benefit from them but do not require them.

Collecting Miniatures

Whether you play the games or not, many people enjoy collecting miniatures for their own sake. Some miniatures come out in strictly limited numbers for their own sake, while others are simply desirable because of what they represent. For example, superhero fans may collect superhero miniatures, while others may buy miniatures to use with their favourite tabletop game.

The Paint Question

While some miniatures come already painted, others such as many Games Workshop game miniatures come unpainted. Painting miniatures is a popular part of the hobby; there is nothing like playing a battle with an army entirely painted in your own colours. It does add a new dimension as you need to obtain everything from paints to brushes and storage media, but many people truly enjoy this part of the hobby.

Other Games

In addition to various roleplaying and wargames, gaming miniatures have also become popular in a number of tabletop games. For example the D&D game Assault of the Giants comes with a dozen giant miniatures as well as three giantslayers. While the standard edition offers unpainted giants, the premium edition comes with a dozen fully painted giant miniatures. This is not the only example, but it shows how various tabletop games are incorporating miniatures.

Role Playing Games

Miniatures have always been popular for role playing games, whether made from metal, resin or plastic. Not only does having a miniature help the player identify with their character; it also makes it easier to run combat as placing miniatures on a grid allows players to see exactly where all the combatants are in relation to each other.