Other HO Scale Model Trains

HO Scale Model Trains

HO model trains are highly sought after by train set collectors. Appreciated for their exquisite details and lifelike characteristics, these trains are often able to replicate actual trains from historys past. When searching for trains to add to your new or existing collection, be sure to look for those that are built to scale, which is an important characteristic in distinguishing them from their toy train counterparts.

HO Scale Model Trains

HO scale trains are amongst the most popular types of model trains available, as they are affordable and feature a wide selection from which to choose. Other common scales include Z, N, S, O and G. When purchasing accessories, it is important to note that each scale is associated with a specific gauge and are always compatible with that gauge track.

Model Train Accessories

In addition to the model trains themselves, collectors may want to browse the various train accessories. Consider purchasing a track in addition to scenery, such as trees, shrubs, rock moulds, tunnels and model people. The best scenery should mimic the setting of the railroad. You should remember, however, that a transformer is a must in order to draw on household electricity.

Engine Type

HO scale models trains may be steam-powered or feature gas-electric engines; however, most are electric. Electric trains come in two types; while some are battery powered, others rely on household current. Choosing the right type is ultimately a matter of personal preference.


When purchasing HO scale model trains, be sure to consider the available space where you plan to display your trains. For instance, if you live in a small apartment, a small indoor layout may work best for you, while those with a large backyard may instead choose to expand their collection with an outdoor layout. When opting for the latter, make sure that your layout is both weather- and tamper-proof.