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Other Hair Removal and Shaving Products

When it comes to hair removal, a traditional razor isn't your only option. Not only are there shaving products that require no hardware, but there are also beauty products solely meant for women and tools for men that aren't your average razor. Whether you're shaving your face or your legs, there are numerous hair removal supplies from which to select. 

What Are Some Hair Removal Tools?

Men can go the classic route when it comes to hair removal and opt for using a straight razor. A straight razor produces a smooth, clean shave that's like what you'd get in a barber shop. Men can also use electric hair groomers and trimmers to safely and easily remove and trim facial hair. Women's groomers offer a way to remove hair without using a razor, and some are cordless. Other options for removing leg hair are by using special pads rubbed on your legs to remove hair or by using an epilator, which pulls hair out from the root to ensure less time spent shaving. 

Which Chemical Products Remove Hair?

Put away the hardware and try some products mean to remove hair without razors or trimmers. Some types of shaving cream, such as Nair, use chemicals to remove leg hair without the need to shave. Waxing is another option for the bikini area, legs or face that requires no additional hardware for hair removal.  

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