If you are working with copper tubing or any other thin-walled tubing for your applications and need to widen the ends to join wires together, normal pliers just won't do. You need an industrial implement that can get the job done efficiently and safely - that's where a swaging tool can help you.

A swaging tool is used to widen the end of your tube so that you can increase the inside diameter to allow for another tube to enter before the soldering process. When performed correctly and using the right technique, it can be a quick and reliable way to get the job done.

How do you use a swaging tool?

Despite its heavy duty application, it is a surprisingly lightweight construction. Due to its size, a swaging tool needs a two handed operation and is best positioned on the floor to maximise strength of the user. A swaging tool will work best if your body weight is pressed against it.

First, you place the tubing or rope inside the jaws of the tool and cut it. The strength of the jaws enables for a clean cut with no fraying on the end of the cable, which will allow for a smooth insert. Then, get a copper sleeve and loop the cable through it. Ensure there is a tail of wire rope that sticks out. After that step, you can compress the handles together. Depending on your cable and size, the number of compressions will vary - each swaging tool should come with a set of instructions to let you know this correct number. When completed, the compression will be stronger than the copper wiring itself.

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