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Got one to sell?

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General Historical Memorabilia

The key to understanding memorabilia is that it brings the past into the present. Historical memorabilia provides a tangible, physical, link between the you of today and the world of the past. It's more than just the idea of history; it is history right there at your fingertips. That's one reason why collecting memorabilia is so popular; it builds connections.

Types of Collecting

There are two main reasons for collecting memorabilia: nostalgia or investment. Nostalgic collecting is the most common and the easiest to succeed in. You simply collect the items that draw your interest. Investment collection is different. Investors want historical memorabilia that's going to rise in value. They look for both condition and demand, hoping that the latter will rise over time. No serious investment memorabilia collector should ever worry about liking a piece over its value.

Art Collecting

One of the best ways to get in touch with the history of Australia is through collecting art. Australian art memorabilia shows us the history of the country through the eyes of the people who lived it. You not only see what they saw, but their art shows us how they saw it. Perhaps best of all, art is for displaying, so you can easily show off your collection to those who should appreciate it.

Militaria Collecting

Militaria is just one component of historical memorabilia collecting. A person with family ties to Gallipoli might find themselves drawn to WWI collectables, to try and give themselves an understanding of their ancestor's experiences. Collecting militaria is not just about weapons, it's about everything from uniforms to badges and anything that can create that all-important emotional link to the past.

Other Collecting

Art and militaria are just two of the kinds of historical memorabilia people may be drawn to. Other possibilities include anything from police, or even Ned Kelly, and firefighting memorabilia to railroadiana. The entire physical record of the past is there at your fingertips.

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