Other Home Décor

Make your house a home with décor

Add decorative personal touches and create a statement with accessories that show off your interior design know-how.

New age accessories for the modern home

Himalayan salt lamps are hand carved from natural crystal, in an assortment of visually appealing shapes. The lamps emit a soft glow when lit, and the lighting produces a relaxing ambiance that can benefit your wellbeing. Popular designs include spheres, pyramids, and natural rock shapes. LED colour change lamps are also available.

Create a pretty window display with a colourful dream catcher, perhaps to complement fresh flowers in a vase below. The handmade dream catcher features a popular traditional design that is embellished with butterfly shells and feathers. According to Native American legend, the dream catcher will fend off bad dreams and only allow good dreams to pass through its net.

Macrame wall hangings give your home décor an authentic retro vibe. The artsy boho decoration is made from natural cotton string or rope that has been expertly knitted into a distinctive piece. Hang on the wall of your living room for instant 70s glamour. Macrame plant hangers are an alternative decorative option.

Modern variations

Weather forecast storm glasses and crystals are a modern variation of the classic barometer or instrument that your ancestors may have used to check the weather. The shapely clear glass water droplet home décor piece is available in a variety of sizes. The translucent droplet is filled with a solution that magically alters appearance when the weather changes. Predict the weather, or simply enjoy the ever-changing display.

Letter boards and chalkboards create a meaningful visual display. Personalise felt covered boards with messages made up of the letters, numbers, and symbols provided. Family and meal planners let you get organised with minimal stress. Pin your notes and memos upon a wooden frame corkboard.

Forget the ticking clock and relax in your newly decorated home, by lying on a soft rug, or by scattering your furniture with cosy cushions or a snug throw.