Other Hydroponic & Seed Starting Supplies

Other Hydroponic Seed Starting Supplies

Growing hydroponic plants can be a great alternative to outdoor growing when conditions are not favourable for growing a healthy and full crop or garden. Hydroponics allow growers to grow year-round regardless of the weather or soil conditions. Plant trays, plastic syringes, water testers, plant food and more are all part of successful hydroponic gardening. Having the right hydroponic supplies on hand will have you prepared for just about everything.

Growing Kits

If you’re looking to start growing hydroponically but don’t know where to start, a growing kit is a good place to begin. These kits often come with most of the hardware and instructions that you need to get started. All you need is the plants. When your green thumb isn’t strong or if you’re working to cultivate it, a kit can give you the confidence that you need.

PH Regulation and Water Control

Water is one of the major necessities for growing plants. Different plants require different PH levels, and being able to regulate the PH of your plants allows you to get the most out of their growth. You may find that you have healthier plants and flowers and more bountiful harvests. Make sure your water supply is at its best so that whatever you are propagating has the best possible chance of survival.

Grow LIghts

The other key component of growing is sunlight, but in hydroponics, growing lights are usually substitutes for the sunshine. Grow light bulbs are available in different types, shapes and sizes, and you can choose from LED, CFL and full-spectrum versions and more. In order to reap a good harvest, you need to consider the needs of your plants when choosing lamps. Many grow lights simulate the varied range of sunlight to help to achieve the best outcome for your plants.

Other Supplies

There can be many components to hydroponics, but choosing what will best suit your needs is easy when you create goals. If you are concerned with seed starting, plant trays, root hormone, trellising and plant food may be more what you need. If you are looking to grow to maturity, you may want to consider air ducting and water-quality testers.