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Industrial Circuit Breakers   

Industrial breakers are the rockstars of the electrical fault protection world. They stand between your business and financial ruin by preventing catastrophe through a devastating electrical cascade.   

What Kinds of Circuit Breakers are There?   

Understanding circuit breaker types is vital to ensuring safety. All your electrical equipment runs through a circuit breaker switchboard just as they once did through fuses and a fuse box   

  • Industrial Circuit Breakers: Industrial circuit breakers work with high-energy currents in fractions of a second. Many carry so much power they have to be locked away in special enclosures.   
  • Residential Circuit Breakers: Most people are familiar with 240 Volt breakers, they follow the same principles as industrial models, just on a scale rated for your home.   
  • Automotive Circuit Breakers: Physically smaller than other breakers, these work with direct current rather than alternating current.   

Using Circuit Breakers   

Always make sure your circuit breaker parts rate to handle your projected loads. You need to be sure that they can hold up to whatever you throw at them, because they are there for you every second of every day.  

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