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Other Jewellery Tools

Other Jewellery Tools

From those who make jewellery as a fun hobby to those for whom it is an entire career, there are many tools available to assist in creating beautiful items for individual decoration and adornment. Those who manufacture, sell or deal in jewels require a number of tools for the production, alteration and care of jewellery.

Diamond Testers

One of the most handy items a jewellery creator or jewellery dealer can have in their arsenal is a diamond tester. When set into a mount or surround, it can be difficult to determine whether a diamond is genuine or simulated. Diamond testers are one of the most accurate ways to check a diamonds authenticity. Small enough to fit in your pocket, you simply place the needle-like tip on the stone in question and wait for the device to indicate whether the diamond is genuine. The way diamond testers work is by heat conductionu001aheat passes through diamonds differently than it does through cubic zirconia.

Milligramme Jewellery Scales

Its important to be able to measure stones and precious metals in the process of jewellery making to ensure accuracy when creating items, as well as for record keeping and certification. Every jeweller needs accurate scales for the process of weighing raw materials, such as gold and silver, or determining the weight, and therefore, value of gemstones. Milligramme scales are small enough to be easily portable and run on two or three AA batteries. They measure in different units, such as grammes, ounces and denarius weight.

Ring Stretcher and Enlargers

Fingers come in all shapes and sizes, and more often than not when purchasing a ring, you will need to resize it to perfectly fit the finger on which you intend to wear it. Using the right equipment, ring resizing can be carried out very quickly with a minimum of fuss. The machine enlarges rings by stretching the shank portion without placing strain on the gemstones or main setting. The process can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

Mini Electric Engravers and Polishers

Small electric tools with interchangeable heads mean you can achieve all sorts of outcomes with just one tool. Engraving is often used to leave small, personalised messages or note important dates on pieces of jewellery, such as wedding rings or sentimental gifts. The polishing head can be used on a variety of materials, such as diamonds, woods and more. Their small size means theyre easy to use and not at all cumbersome.