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Other Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstones

Like most people, you probably like pretty things that shine, and loose gemstones fit that category. Collect gemstones to build a collection of precious and semi-precious stones, or select one to make jewellery that fits inside gold and platinum settings of your choice. Theres a large inventory from which to choose in preferred shapes, clarities, and cut grades suitable to make into pieces youll love wearing for years to come.

Choosing Gemstones

When its time to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or other occasion, consider purchasing one or more gemstones. Choose a favourite birthstone, such as garnet for January or an emerald for a May birth. You could also celebrate an anniversary by selecting a birthstone representing the month you were married. You may have your heart set on loose diamonds for their elegance and beauty, loose morganites due to their pretty pink to violet hues, or loose citrines that have an exquisite appearance and a reputation for durability.


Theres probably a favourite shape you have in mind to purchase. The marquise shaped stone, named after Lady Pompadour from France, when placed in a ring setting helps to make shorter fingers look longer. Jewellers frequently use pear-shaped stones to make a matching pendant and earrings set or use baguettes that fit nicely into curved settings. Bead gemstones allow professional and amateur beaders to make one-of-a-kind pieces, while rough gemstones can be cut into a custom shape by a lapidarist.

Clarity Grades

A loupe clean clarity grade is nearly flawless, while eye-clean and slight grades are also acceptable. You should avoid stones with visible inclusions, such as cavities and fractures that keep light from transferring through the stone, thereby negatively affecting its brilliance.

Cut Grades

A stone receives an overall grade as to the quality of the cut. A gemstone with an excellent rating could have natural inclusions that dont affect sparkle. Very good stones have minor flaws, and stones that receive a good rating are of average quality. Poor and fair stones are less desirable but may be candidates for certain types of jewellery in which the flaws are hidden from view.