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Other Maritime Antiques

When it comes to maritime traditions, there are several things that can signify great moments worth cherishing. Maritime antiques can span a wide range of items depending upon various interests. Often times, there are common artifacts that are very rare that many consider very collectible. Anchors, weights and buoys are fairly common and easy to add into anyone’s collection. Additionally, lanterns and any other type of ornamental decor are increasing in popularity. Anything you associate with navigation spikes intrigue in even the most avid collector.

Antique Compasses

Maritime compasses are popular collectors' items among wayfaring enthusiasts and those that enjoy all things nautical. There are a wide range of compasses that collectors could seek, including the most common: box compasses. Additionally, rarer but equally as collectible choices include binnacles, peloruses, and handheld compasses. Most handheld compasses are hard to come by. Box compasses are a magnetic compass in a box, and once people used these in case the compass in the binnacle stopped functioning. The binnacle contained the main ship’s compass, enclosed with a brass top with a viewing glass to see the direction the ship was heading. A pelorus is a reference tool for maintaining a relative bearing of visible objects relative to a vessel at sea, often called a "dumb compass" and people used them with a compass until gyro-repeaters were available. Repeater compasses are non-magnetic compasses that find true north using the earth’s rotation.

Maritime Telescopes

There are a variety of maritime telescopes available for collectors to add to their ensemble of antiques. Traditional telescopes including mounted and floor telescopes are the most common and expensive. Furthermore, spyglasses are a unique antique collectible that many maritime enthusiasts seek out. These can include ornate, fanciful glasses that are more decorative, to retractable pint-sized spyglasses that captains carry around, to scurvy pirate spyglasses. Additionally, binoculars are another form of telescopes that maritime enthusiasts commonly collect. Many of the maritime telescopes use brass, bronze, copper or aluminium. They can also have decorative elements made out of leather and enclosed in wooden boxes.

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