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Men's Mixed Clothing Items

When adding to your wardrobe, men have a plethora of choices that will surely round out a fashionable selection.

What are Some Styles of Shirts for Men?

  • Casual shirts. Casual shirts include t-shirts and graphic tees, to polos and long sleeved hoodies. They also include casual short sleeve button down shirts.
  • Business and formal shirts. From stiff button down shirts with collars to tuxedo shirts, business and formal shirts usually go with suits or tuxedos.
  • Undershirts. These are usually under any other shirt and come in short sleeve or tank top styles with either a round or v-neck option.
  • Tank tops and muscle tees. These styles are a more sporty look and cut off at the shoulder. They are typically for athletic purposes and during warmer weather.

What are Some Styles of Pants for Men?

  • Jeans. One of the most common style choices, jeans come in a variety of washes and styles.
  • Khakis. A dressier option than jeans, khaki is a beige or neutral coloured pant with a woven material.
  • Shorts. This style of pant can include everything from jean and cargo shorts to athletic shorts and hit at the knee or right above the knee.
  • Dress Pants. Dress pants can often pair with blazers and sport coats and are usually wool, crepe or other drapey materials.
  • Sweatpant and Lounge Pants. These types of pants are comfy and great for lounging on the couch as well as to keep warm if chilled. They have been increasingly popular and offer some trendier varieties.

What are Some Styles of Jackets and Coats for Men?

  • Coats and Jackets. Good for colder months, coats and jackets provide an extra layer of warmth when braving the elements.
  • Blazers and Sport Coats. For work or a special occasion, blazers and sport coats go over any business or formal shirt and add dress up any look. These are long sleeved jackets that are wool or cotton.
  • Vests. Vests can go with blazers and sport coats or can style on their own with a business shirt. They are sleeveless with buttons down the front and provide a contoured shape for any man.
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