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Possibly one of the most important inventions of the modern world, telephones have had an ongoing evolution. The majority of people in the industrialised world have access to or own mobile phones. Their predecessor, the telephone, still has a presence, especially in places of work. Accessories for mobile and home phones have allowed people to customise their experiences to best suit their needs. Sometimes, though, you may have phones or accessories that are a little more obscure than the more famous brands. Thankfully, they are still in easy reach.


Phones very often see extended use in office settings. They connect via a jack, so the base of the phone is largely stationary. The receiver can either connect to the phone, or it can be cordless, which allows for a greater amount of privacy and mobility. Some handsets also include caller ID or an answering machine.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones vary in their abilities. Some have the express purpose of making phone calls and do little beyond that, while others have the capabilities of computers. While mobile phones replace home phones for many, homes and offices continue to use both.


Phones, even ones from obscure brands, still need peripherals specific to them, and other home telephone accessories keep them functioning properly. A traditional phone requires a cord from the phone to the receiver, unless it is a cordless phone. They also need a bridge between the jack and the phone. Because mobiles are not stationary, they must have a charging plug and cable. Without this equipment, phones are useless and unable to function.


Optional equipment or accessories help keep phones in good condition or allow users to personalise them. Other mobile phone accessories are especially popular because with more mobility comes a greater likelihood of damage. Some popular mobile accessories are screen protectors, cases, and clip-on camera lenses.

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