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Other Motocross & Off-Road Clothing

Motocross and Off-Road Clothing

Australia has some great places for people fond of dirtbikes, quadbikes, and other vehicles used in off-road motor sports. Even the best motorcyclist, on the best day, on the best track might take a fall though. It’s possible for any novice to expert to have a run-in with the ground, so it really pays to invest in your protection with motocross off road gear.

Keep Your Head on Straight

The first and most obvious step to protecting yourself is obviously a helmet, and most people will get that far. Even the softest ground is going to hurt you when you’re coming down hard, and your body will instinctively try to shield itself with your arms and legs if you take a dive. Knee pads, motocross boots, gloves, elbow protectors, and other motocross off road clothing are therefore essential, because those are the parts of your body that will likely hit the ground first.

A Suit of Armour

Don’t forget the rest of your body, which is also where most of the soft bits are kept. That’s the next part that’s going to suffer from impact, so be sure to invest in a sturdy motocross jersey to avoid nasty scrapes at the very least. If you want to be even safer though, there is full on body armour that you can buy for optimal protection. Bonus points: they make you look even more awesome as you stunt around.

Gut Check

The humps and bumps of motocross can test your body’s ability to hold it together even without any accidental falls or other mishaps, and investing in a good kidney belt will help save you a lot of pain and doctor’s visits down the line. It will help to keep your kidneys from jumbling around too much, and it will also stabilize your back. Not supporting your kidneys while riding can cause pain and discomfort in the long term, affecting even the most seasoned rider.

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