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Other Musical Instruments and Gear

The musically inclined hobbyists or professionals will find a number of helpful gear and other musical instruments equipment that will not only enhance the sound of their piano keyboard and all other music equipment, but will also add convenience to usage and storage.

Tablet Holders for Musical Instruments

Tablet holders are heaven-sent. Long performances often need musicians and singers to check out set lists, lyrics, musical pieces and etc. For options, one could try the Hercules tablet holder. The company has been in the business for 30 years now. The product conveniently adjusts to fit any 7-inch to 12-inch tablets. There is a clamp that gives full coverage. An EZ adaptor allows for a secure attachment to microphone stands. A suction cup for flat horizontal surface comes with. The product weighs about half a kilogramme and can carry five kilogrammes of tablet weight. It folds to give you a 200 mm by 90 mm dimension.

Smartphone Holders and Laptop Holders for Musical Instruments

Hercules also offers secure holders for your smartphone and even your laptop. The DG200B model can fit smartphone devices from 43.5 mm to 90 mm while the DG400BB can carry laptops up to 10 kilogrammes in weight. The stand folds and a carry bag comes with every purchase. With all Hercules stands, adjustment and fitting are flexible.

Lightweight Trolleys for Musical Instruments

Lightweight trolleys make it easy for musicians to set up and pack up. These allow for easy transport, helping organisers and performers save time and energy. Many can conveniently fold. Choose models that are lightweight yet durable and prioritise durability over weight preferences. You would want to invest in a gear that will last you many performances to come.

Desktop Stands for Microphones

Desktop stands facilitate easy tabletop microphone set-up for singers and even for guitar cabs. On-Stage models give you some options. The DS7100B comes in a black powder coat while the DS7100C gives you a chrome finish. The stand is die-cast steel clutch and the shaft is removable. The height rises from nine to thirteen inches. The base spread is six inches and the base weight is less than a kilogramme.