Other N Scale Model Trains   

When it comes to model trains and train sets, companies create trains, tracks and accessories in varied sizes, which are called scales. N scale trains are trains that vary from 1:148 to 1:160 in scale, whereas HO model trains are 1:87 in scale. This means N scale pieces are compatible with other N scale trains and models to create a realistic look if you're building your own electric train sets. Other model trains are pieces that aren't standard and can enhance your train set.    

What Are Some Features of Other N Scale Trains?   

There are many types of other N scale trains and models from which to select. These range from fishing boats to coaches, buses and superliners. Some features to look for include working lights, painted pieces or an included controller. You can choose other items to add to your train set to provide authenticity, such as churches, houses, tunnels and animals.    

What Materials Are Used to Make Model Trains?   

You can select amongst an array of materials when it comes to choosing N scale models, trains and figures. These vary from heavy-duty brass and cast iron, or for a more traditional look, opt for model trains made of wood. The materials trains are made of give the pieces a distinct look, so choose the material that appeals to you and complements your other N scale models.