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Other Office Furniture

Are you setting up your home office, or have you just moved to a new work office? Maybe you just want to change it up. You have the usual chair and desk, but what else do you need? As you look to put the finishing touches on your space, think about other items of office furniture you can use.

Floor Protectors

So many home and business office spaces have carpeting. If you want to prevent dark streaks and circles under your desk, consider getting a floor protector. If you have an office chair with wheels, you'll find that you'll also benefit by being able to slide more smoothly. Floor protector mats can be thinner and flexible or thick and hard. Choose the one that you think will work best with your carpeting.

Office Storage

When you think about your office space, do you have enough room for all your items? Even though so much of the day's work can be stored on the cloud, you will still need at least a small amount of storage space. You might choose to go for a small office filing cabinet, or maybe you need a lockable credenza or even freestanding cupboard for your office things.

Office Appropriate Tables

You may already have a desk to put a computer and phone on, but if you have clients or colleagues who visit your space, you may also want a separate table. You can choose one more like a meeting table, boardroom style, or consider a more medieval flair and get a round table. Either way, you'll want to avoid a plastic folding table if you can.

Ergonomic Furniture Choices

With all we know about posture, work-related injuries and health these days, it's more important than ever to choose ergonomic options for your office. Choices such as footrests are important, especially if you need them in order to achieve the proper posture for your work space. If you are ready to get off your chair and stand for at least part of the day, there are motorised adjustable height desks. You can also just go for a less expensive option by finding a smaller frame that can give you a higher surface when you are tired of sitting.