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Other Personal Protective Equipment or PPE

Personal protective equipment or PPE include all protective clothing like helmets, gloves, body suits, goggles and other equipment necessary to keep a person safe, uninfected and free of injury during work and risky activities. You may buy branded and other unbranded personal protective equipment so long as these products meet PPE standards. Remember to check items for quality and materials used. They must be able to withstand hazardous elements and conditions you expose yourself to during work.

Ear Protection

PPE for your ears is very important for preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Regulations prohibit workers from exposure to sounds of over 85 decibels for the duration of their 8-hour shifts. If you expose yourself to loud and prevailing noises on a regular basis, you must use earplugs and earmuffs. Wear noise-reduction equipment especially if you work on a construction site, a gun-shooting club or training facility and manufacturing and assembly plants amongst others. Check PPE items for comfort and compatibility with workplace temperature. Also, make sure that these ear protection plugs and muffs still enable you to hear warnings. As an example, Impact Sport by Howard Leight is a foldable electronic earmuff. It can connect to MP3 players and scanners. It automatically shuts out loud noise and keeps it at a maximum 82dB level. It amplifies conversations. It has Air Flow Control technology for breathability and comfort to your ears. It is water resistant and uses two AAA batteries. Finally, it can also connect to an external battery compartment for extended use.

Full-Body Protection

For those who do facility maintenance, site clean-up, chemical handling and other hands-on tasks, protective body suits and specialised industrial work gloves are essential. As necessary additions to your work environment, choose a PPE set that will withstand work hazards like heat, electric current, chemicals, airborne particulate and physical matter. Dupont Biohazard Suits offer a many choices for keeping your skin safe from biological contamination. You may buy coveralls, jacket/bib overall combos and more. These come lightweight, with taped seams and high-visibility colours. Dupont adheres to government standards for PPE quality production.

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