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Other Ponds and Water Features

A pond or water feature in an outdoor area can enhance the aesthetic appeal and create an oasis of calm and peace. Water attracts our attention. Think of being at the sea, by a river, or by a lake. You cannot help but watch the water. Fresh water brings life and movement to any sized space. There are plenty of options to place a pond or water feature in your backyard or garden area to make it unique and reflect your own personal style.

Fish Ponds

A fishpond in your backyard is a space to raise and display beautiful fish. Look for a size and shape that will give you the best view. Ponds inset into the ground give a view of the action from above. For admiring your fish at eye level, raised or multilevel ponds, or octagonal shapes with porthole-style windows are ideal. Common materials used for fishponds are fibreglass, plastic/resin or stone. Large repurposed containers provide quirky and distinctive environmentally friendly homes for your fish.

Water Features

A garden water feature can be just that, a garden to grow plants such as water lilies, hyacinths, lotus and irises. Backyard garden water features are perfect for a botanical garden enthusiast. They utilise the same containers and water containment systems as ponds. With other water features, such as waterfalls andoutdoor fountains, the focal point is on the flow of the water or the water vessel itself. The sound of running or bubbling water is delightful and brings a sense of renewal and revitalisation. Various water feature themes, such as birds, animals, fairies, gods, goddesses and fairies provide a place to contemplate.

Bird Baths

A birdbath gives you a water feature in your garden and an appealing place for birds to drink and bathe. Birdbaths raised above the ground on a pedestal in an open position allow birds to keep watch for predators while they visit. The sound of birdsong and the entertainment a bird taking a bath can provide will add further enjoyment to your yard.


There are a few accessories to consider buying with any water feature. Pond and fountain pumps, filters and skimmers help keep your pond water fresh and algae free. Floating flowers and petals (real or artificial) create a relaxing ambience. Lighting up your water feature or pond at night will enhance the area for outdoor living and entertaining.

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