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Other Power Transformers

Charge or operate your electronic devices, such as Xboxes, LED globes and video cameras, through other types of power transformers, regardless of whether your mains power outlet voltage is higher or lower than that of your device. Other power transformers come in handy when you're trotting the globe or want to use imported electrical appliances in Australia as they convert AC voltages safely without any fires or damage to your appliances. Brands, such as GE, Acme, Hammond and Square D, offer power transformers with reliable performances in new, used and seller-refurbished conditions to suit every pocket.

Power Transformer Number of Phases

Single-phase transformers are easy on your pocket and simple to operate but are usually large in size and weigh more than the other types. Comparably, the more exy three-phase transformers are smaller, more lightweight and more efficient than the single-phase models.

Power Transformer Voltage Rating

Transformers are classified based on voltage levels. With other 240-volt transformers, you can use them safely in Australia mostly as step-down transformers to operate appliances with a 110-volt rating. This is because step-down transformers convert high-input voltage into low-output voltage. If you're visiting mates in Japan or the United States, then you'll need a step-up transformer that converts the lower mains voltage to higher output for your Aussie appliances.

Features to Look for in Other Power Transformers

Seek power transformer features for other uses that make your life better. Lightweight power transformers do not weigh you down, especially when you move around a lot, while one that operates quietly is not only easier on the ears but does not bother others as well. A durable heavy-duty metal or plastic build can withstand rough handling or constant movement while a large-sized transformer with a handle is easier to carry. With bidirectional transformers that give you a choice of either stepping up or stepping down the voltage with the same transformer, you only need one transformer instead of two.

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