Get going on a brand new scooter

Since the arrival of scooters, kids have had the option to make the trip to school far more exciting whilst cutting the time in half. With the iconic scooter showing no signs of decreasing popularity, other scooter designs have emerged. Newer models have been developed for a smoother and safer ride. In today's market, you can find scooters now for all ages and purposes including electric, toy, and motor variations.

Classic and contemporary scooters

As they are less bulky as a bike they are seen as a more convenient way of travelling whether that's around the playground, on walks in the park, or just travelling to and from school. Discover kids push scooters with a pull handle for parents, standard push scooters and electric scooters.

There are scooters designed to look like a motorcycle or a car, so your kids can drive around in style. For the slightly older generation, there are electric scooters to zip around town.

There are the classic scooters available, including electric versions, which you have probably seen kids using on the side of the road. These often come in a range of different colours, from silver to red, from companies such as Slamm and Eurotrike. There are scooters designed for kids aged from five years old and up.

A modern twist on a classic design, electric balance scooters let your little ones zip around in an upright position, using just balance to steer.

Alternatively, there are more grown-up scooters available which are operated by petrol. You can find a range of different models on eBay as well as all the tools and equipment needed to keep it in a prime condition such as alternative motor engines, chains, wheels, and much more. If you simply need help with getting around perhaps a mobility scooter may be ideal.