Other Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing with a sewing machine is a godsend compared to the olden days when all of that stuff had to be done by hand. You just turn the machine on and you get nice, even stitches exactly where you need them. Sewing machines aren’t perfect for every situation right out of the box though, they need to be outfitted with the right sewing machine accessories and sewing machine parts and attachments. Make sure to get the right presser feet for every type of cloth and every pattern and built up a collection of bobbins and pins to work with. With these items, you’ve got more or less everything you need to sew, but there’s a few things you may want to have a look at, for quality and longevity of life for your sewing machine.


No matter how much sewing you do, sooner or later you’ll need some machine oil and cleaning brushes to clean up your sewing machine. Daily care like covering the machine up to prevent dust from getting in will help, but there’s more. Cleaning brushes of various shapes and sizes help you clean lint and dust out of the inner guts of your sewing machine. This is especially important because if it builds up, the motor will have problems overheating and more or less every gear and strut is taxed beyond what the designers originally intended. When oiling your sewing machine, there’s two key things to keep in mind: the right oil, and the right place. Search for the right oil for sewing machines and you really only need two or three drops of it to keep the whole thing going. Make sure to clean the machine out first to avoid gunky lint. Your manual will usually specify where to insert the oil. You don’t want oil in the wrong place.

Other Accessories

There are all sorts of little accessories and spare parts and attachments for sewing machine you can get, but some of the highlights include spool stands, screwdrivers to get into the inside for maintenance and needle plates.